The Gut Feeling – Psychology and Biology

Each quarter MITN highlights a theme. This time it is "Gut Feelings". The questions to be answered are: Is there such a thing as a gut feeling? And when we talk about gut feelings, are we talking about something psychological, something biological or a little bit of both?

From Mad in The Netherlands: The first part of this article approaches these questions from the psychological side. This is followed by a more biological viewpoint. This includes a discussion of the digestive system, the microbiome or gut flora, the brain-gut axis and neurotransmitters and hormones. Thus, it becomes increasingly clear why this quarterly topic is of interest to psychiatry. The article then goes on to mention that there is a lot of research being done on gut feeling, but so far this has produced little framed information. By going back to your own gut feeling, you may be able to find answers for yourself as to what it can do for you.

Please click here to read in the original Dutch, or here for the article translated into English