Grief is Never a Disorder

Sue Irwin writes the following letter to Holly G, Prigerson, Ph.D and Paul K. Maciejewski, Ph.D, the authors and co-authors of the Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD) screening tool and trial study. 

Dear Holly & Paul,

I can tell you in no uncertain terms, that I’m not disordered, and I most certainly am not addicted to grieving. And what’s more I’m even more certain that I don’t need or want a pill to help rid me of my memories of Olly nor to rid me of my yearning for, my craving for or my preoccupation with my beautiful son Olly, who died tragically and horrifically just 12 months ago at the tender age of 24. 

I thank you for your concern, but I really don’t need or want you to rid me of the memories I have of him, because they serve a very important purpose…They keep his kind and gentle nature and his unprecedented talent for all things musical alive in my mind.

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