Research Uses Photos and Narratives of Mental Health Users

From Mad in Brasil: The article¬†‚ÄúI was in the chest and in the race‚ÄĚ: photographs and narratives of life¬†in the territory of mental health users¬†uses the photovoice method, which is part of the field of action research, and is heavily influenced by Paulo Freire’s thinking.¬†Participants produced individual photos and narratives that were then discussed as a group.¬†This method allows for greater protagonism of the participants, allowing them to take the reins of the research, deciding the topics that will be worked on and giving autonomy to the production of the material to be discussed in the groups.

The survey started with nine participants and ended with eight. Of these, six were men and three were women, with a mean age of 58 years. Seven called themselves pardos, one white and one black. All with a long trajectory in mental health.

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