The Biology of Loss: Recognizing Impaired Attachments & Fostering Resilience | Gabor Maté, MD


From British Columbia Provincial Health Services Authority: “Presenting at the March 2016 Perinatal Services BC Healthy Mothers & Healthy Babies conference, renowned speaker and author Dr. Gabor Maté illuminates the sources of developmental challenges, childhood and adult mental disorders, and physical health issues as originating in the prenatal, perinatal, and early childhood periods. Based on Dr. Maté’s bestselling books and on current neuroscientific and developmental research, the presentation focuses on how we can prevent maldevelopment through attuned parenting and restore and foster resilience in children already facing developmental challenges.”

“Across the whole range of medical practice, [cortisol] is the most commonly used drug. You go to any kind of a specialist, you’re going to get cortisol. Go to a skin doctor with inflamed skin, what are they going to give you? Cortisol cream. Go to a lung doctor with inflamed lungs, they’re going to give you cortisol. Go to a rheumatologist with inflamed joints, they’re going to give you cortisol. Go to a neurologist with inflamed nervous system like in multiple sclerosis, what are they going to give you, cortisol. Go to a gastroenterologist with inflamed intestines like in Crohn’s disease or colitis, what are they going to give you? Cortisol! Nobody’s ever asked, gosh, if we’re treating everything with a stress hormone, is it possible that stress has something to do with the onset of these diseases? It’s the obvious question. But our training gives us such a narrow perspective, we don’t even think about it. So the people that I saw with cancer and autoimmune disease, in every case, it began as a coping mechanism.”

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