Mabon Down by Valerie Moran-Clark

It was about this crisp
And with skinning wind
That skies narrowed
Darker with quickening clouds
Vampires did all surround
Shadows ever inkier grew
And leapt off the page
Separating me from the rest

I chose to go in flashing lights
Conditioned air and green walls
The safety of a disordered mind
That can no longer know
If i could not die and you would not die
Then my mind could forget
Though prescriptions of numb
And idle coloring books
One day from the next
Each minute from death

As skeletons gather behind my back
I grow older and more alone
Still with wet hot cheeks
Screaming a silent void
Tailgating my way home.


Writer, artist, parent and dually a psych survivor and patient. Ideally living as an advocate for healing and writing for survival. Valerie’s art can be found on instagram @blahceev and more words on Medium.


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