No, one in five children do not have a ‘mental disorder’

From Mad in the UK: Last week, the NHS announced that 18% of children aged seven to 16 have a ‘probable mental disorder’. Among 17-19-year-olds, that rises to 26%. Mind-bogglingly, the NHS claims that a third of women aged 17-24 also have a ‘probable mental disorder’. These figures come from an online survey which questioned 2,900 children and young adults over a five-year period. Psychiatrists screened the answers and scored how likely each participant was to have a ‘mental disorder’ – unlikely, possible or probable.

The results are absolute trash.

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  1. Is having a ‘Mental Disorder’ a ‘Nice’ thing to have?
    Is it complimentary?

    Do 25% of PoliceMen, PoliceWomen, Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Chefs, also have a ‘Mental Disorder’?

    Is every problem in life a ‘Mental Disorder’?

    Are there too many ‘Professionals’ sponging off the UK Welfare State?

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