A Conversation With Ann Bracken, Author of ‘Crash: A Memoir of Overmedication and Recovery’


From Medicating Normal: “Ann Bracken is an activist with a pen. Her three books of poetry take on the topical issues of family secrets like depression and alcohol abuse, the challenges of teaching, and the stories of the men and women hidden away in our nation‚Äôs prisons. Ann‚Äôs use of poetic language has garnered her two Pushcart nominations, a featured spot on The Best American Poetry, and appearances on Grace Cavalieri‚Äôs The Poet and the Poem radio series. Ann‚Äôs essays, interviews, and poems have appeared in Mad in America, Awakenings Review, and numerous other publications. Her advocacy work promotes using the arts to foster paradigm change in the areas of emotional wellness, education, and prison abolition.

Ann Bracken‚Äôs new book, Crash: A Memoir of Overmedication and Recovery, explores mother-daughter depression and chronic pain experiences of struggling in a health-care system that often ignores women‚Äôs needs. Crash makes extensive use of primary sources, specifically Ann‚Äôs father‚Äôs original records detailing her mother‚Äôs treatment and Ann‚Äôs journal account for the years she endured depression and a chronic migraine. Crash serves as a missive to women fighting to heal, carve their own path, and demand better care.”


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