Psychopharmaceuticals: The drug sentence to life imprisonment without evidence

From Mad in Italy: Neuroleptics or antipsychotics are commonly used for the treatment of states of emotional suffering which in psychiatric terms are defined as “ schizophrenia ”, “ psychosis ”. They are also used in the treatment of bipolar disorder, depression and also in the behavior control of children diagnosed with ADHD. Psychiatric drugs, in general, do not act on the causes of mental suffering, but act by altering the normal functions of the nervous system and causing changes in the perception of mood, consciousness and  behavior, such as alcohol for social anxiety.

Read the original Italian article here and the English translation here. 


  1. Hi Laura Guerra and Mad In Italy,
    it’s nice to hear from you. You mention Akathisia, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, Psychiatric Abuse, and Psychiatric Name Calling. I’ve briefly chronicled my own experience.

    Non Existent Schizophrenia
    I’ve attempted suicide several times under the influence of Acute AKATHISIA. I’ve also had a number of hospitalizations while attempting to withdraw from Psychiatric ‘Medications’ – and had been diagnosed Worse Mentally as a result.

    Chronic Non Existent Schizophrenia
    So, ultimately I was diagnosed as a fairly bad case – until I learned:- 1. How to withdraw carefully from ‘medication’; 2. Was no longer Psychiatric Drug Disabled; 3. And returned to normal life – As a result.

    Drug Withdrawal High Anxiety
    I didn’t come back the same though. I suffered from dreadful “High Anxiety” even with a careful drug withdrawal regime. And this condition could have broken me.

    High Anxiety Resolution
    But I learned how to deal with My High Anxiety problem through careful observation and ‘trial and error’. And I also found that what worked for Normal Anxiety also worked for High Anxiety.

    When I stopped taking “medication” some years down the line, I hardly realised I had done so.

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