Data Brokers Are Now Selling Your Mental Health Status


From The Washington Post: “One company advertised the names and home addresses of people with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress or bipolar disorder. Another sold a database featuring thousands of aggregated mental health records, starting at $275 per 1,000 ‘ailment contacts.’

For years, data brokers have operated in a controversial corner of the internet economy, collecting and reselling Americans’ personal information for government or commercial use, such as targeted ads.

But the pandemic-era rise of telehealth and therapy apps has fueled an even more contentious product line: Americans’ mental health data. And the sale of it is perfectly legal in the United States, even without the person’s knowledge or consent.”

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    • “These practices will also lead to a counter-industry to safeguard people’s data and provide solutions when such data-breaches happen.”

      We are sorry about the data breach and learned valuable lessens. Yes, there will be subsequent breaches and we fully intend to be sorry about them too.

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