Sick professionals – Notions about adherence to human rights and professional awareness

From Mad in Spain: The importance of categorization in psychiatry is well known. Thus, within healthy professionals, it differentiates between: healthy professional and recovered professional. A healthy professional is one who has never been sick (as far as scientific evidence indicates, no cases are known). A recovered professional is one who has successfully carried out his professional recovery process. The fact that a mental health professional is a healthy professional (in either of the two denominations) is essential to avoid harming and retraumatizing people who go to mental health services.

Read the full article here and the English translation here. 


  1. Those English translations don’t work too well, unfortunately. But my understanding is that the recovered “professionals,” including the peer workers, tend to be better at actually helping people.

    Which is logical, since they are experts by experience. As opposed to just being brainwashed DSM “bible” believers, who have bought into psychiatry’s and big Pharma’s lies.

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