Governments, Treatment Providers Don’t Want to Expose “Dark Heart” of Mental Health System


From The Walrus: “Most psychiatrists used to be extensively trained in talk therapy and other techniques. However, after the discovery of ‘neuroleptic’ drugs with anesthetizing effects in the 1950s (later marketed as ‘tranquilizers’ and then ‘antipsychotics’), political pushes by psychiatric guilds alongside new legislation and policy changes reinforced a trend of hospitals hiring primarily biomedical psychiatrists. By the 1990s, psychoanalysts, psychologists, psychotherapists, and other non-medical mental health specialists had much diminished roles or no presence at all in most psychiatric hospitals. Yet [Tracy] Myers was the first to tell me what I’d soon learn abundant evidence shows—that altered states with spiritual tones like [Gerald] McVeigh’s and traumatized states like Myers’s are common among psychiatric patients, and many would prefer to explore their feelings in hopes of understanding their meaning and finding healing. They often don’t want invasive biomedical treatments like tranquilizers and electroshock therapy and don’t respond well to them. Such people get ‘coerced, pressured, forced,’ said Myers. ‘Their lives can become unmitigated terror.’

Myers later attended a public reading by Vancouver author Irit Shimrat, who recounted her own experiences with unusual states of consciousness and forced treatment. Myers described it as ‘revolutionary’ for her to see a talented, intelligent woman speaking ‘without shame’ about madness. ‘I remember just weeping listening to her. I had never talked with anybody about the kind of thoughts I’d had. The most painful thing for me was the isolation and loneliness.’ Myers met McVeigh at the event, and they launched a group for people to share their experiences of unusual states and forced treatment.

Myers went on to work at a nonprofit as a counsellor for children who’d been exposed to violence, and she then went into private practice. She did not take psychotropics and was never again psychiatrically hospitalized. When we talked in 2021, I asked if she still felt the same way about involuntary treatment.

‘People are suffering,’ she said. ‘The idea that sticking them in a cell and giving them drugs is a solution for this is insanity.'”

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  1. Would really like to share my personal story.
    Ive opened my heart on MIA facebook posts.
    Left many comments on Articles.
    Barriers to supporting and making a difference personally and healing: please for the Love call back. And cut the red tape.
    Have a great day and thank you for sharing.

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  2. Author Rob Wipond says:

    “Most governments and treatment providers, Cohen argued, don’t want to publicly expose ‘the dark heart’ of our mental health system—that a core function is to incarcerate and control masses of people.”

    Articles like these help expose “psychiatry” for what it is: PARASITIC MEDICINE.

    And “psychology” is also known to happily feed off destroying people’s lives.

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  3. “And these weren’t just the same patients getting re-hospitalized many times. As I had, Cohen also found that wherever those numbers could be separated out, repeat hospitalizations comprised just 5 to 20 percent, and most of those were only twice.”

    This points out part of the “big lie[s]” of psychiatry, the one about “revolving door patients.”

    And in my case, the second hospitalization was due to the first hospital psychiatrist – for years – fraudulently claiming I was her “out-patient,” at a hospital I’d never been to, according to insurance companies … and that hospital. So that psychiatrist could attempt to cover up her, and her now FBI convicted partner’s, inappropriate initial hospitalization.

    “Most governments and treatment providers, Cohen argued, don’t want to publicly expose ‘the dark heart’ of our mental health system—that a core function is to incarcerate and control masses of people. ‘There’s nothing pleasant about that. There’s nothing beautiful and pretty. It’s just exclusion: ‘Please take them away from me.’ And because we’re saying we’re doing it to help them, there’s a kind of systemic dissonance.'”

    The psychologists and psychiatrists are the “omni-potent moral busy bodies,” about whom C. S. Lewis forewarned us.

    Thank you, Rob, for speaking truth about the “dark heart” of the psychological and psychiatric industries.

    In this world where there is a need for a “Great Reset” – which should likely already have been an every 50 year “jubilee,” according to the Holy Bible. I will say, first they came for the ethical American banking families … and their uninformed, grandchildren and children. And we are now the “canaries in the coal mine,” hopefully warning the rest of humanity.

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