Your Fatphobia and Machismo Damage My Mental Health

From Mad in Mexico: Cataloging ourselves as “sick” has been, and is, a constant strategy to take our voice away. If we are “sick” it is understood that we do not have autonomy and, therefore, that we barely exist. At the same time, medicine undermines our credibility on certain ailments that we present. That is, either we are “sick” or everything is a pantomime of ours. The purpose, in both cases, is to belittle the experiences of women. Therefore, we are the exaggerated ones in the face of menstrual pains (even if there is endometriosis), “the crazy ones” (although statistics determine that we suffer more from the conditions of the system and that we tend to over-medicate ourselves), the weak ones if we can not move from the couch (although we suffer from a high fibromyalgia), etc. For a few years, people diagnosed with some mental and/or physical pathology have been rejecting the role of “patient-passive person.”

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