Warning Over Antidepressants as Top Experts Say They May Raise Risk of Suicide


From The Daily Mail: “Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, researchers have warned today. The powerful drugs — taken by millions — can even be the means of death among patients battling the ‘mental disorder,’ experts said today.

Academics at the University of East London examined almost 8,000 inquests over the last two decades which mentioned the drugs. Around half were definitively ruled to be suicides, demonstrating antidepressants ‘clearly did not work’ for thousands of Brits. One in eight deaths involved an overdose of antidepressants themselves, showing they can give ‘the mechanism for killing oneself,’ according to lead author Dr. John Read. Psychiatrists said the findings ‘do nothing’ to tackle concerns that depression treatments ‘may not be having the intended effect on suicide outcomes.’ It comes after a landmark study last year called into question society’s ever-growing reliance on drugs like Prozac.”

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  1. Hi John, nice to see you again,
    They say young people diagnosed with “schizophrenia” often attempt suicide in their initial years because they feel like they have failed in life. But this was not my case.

    I attempted suicide twice in my initial years 1980 to 1984; and then I managed to taper slowly from strong mental health drugs; and never attempt suicide again (1984 to 2023)

    My problem had been Acute Akathisia, and Drug Induced Disability – this IMO is what really kills young people.

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