Amphetamines Are Often Prescribed Along With Depression and Anxiety Drugs


From NBC News: “A large number of U.S. adults are being prescribed drugs like amphetamines, which have a risk for misuse, along with medications for depression and anxiety, a new study has found.

The practice, the authors say, could lead to higher rates of misuse and addiction and cause unknown side effects.

The Drug Enforcement Administration classifies amphetamines and methylphenidate as Schedule II controlled substances, the same designation given to cocaine, OxyContin and fentanyl.

. . . ‘We are concerned given the risks of these drugs,’ said the study’s lead author, Thomas Moore, a researcher at the Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness at Johns Hopkins University, noting that prescription stimulants are ‘highly potent’ and that data on using them in combination with other psychiatric medications is limited. The research was published Monday in BMJ Open.”

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  1. Poly drugging people with the psych drugs is a major crime against humanity, by the psychiatrists and psychologists.

    Let’s hope and pray these evil, Pharmakia fraud based, systemic crimes against humanity are some day ended.

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