Most States Received a D or F Grade on Maternal Mental Health. It Could Get Worse.


From CNN: “Nearly every state in the United States is neglecting access to maternal mental health care, according to a recent report, and experts fear the situation could get worse as more states severely restrict or ban abortion.

All but 10 US states received either a D or F grade on a number of key measures of maternal mental health risk policies and access to care — including access to therapists, psychiatrists or mental health treatment programs, according to a May report released by the nonprofit Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health, in partnership with researchers from George Washington University. This is the group’s first report grading states on maternal mental health resources and policies.

Forty states and the District of Columbia received grades of a D or F, while just one state – California – earned a grade higher than a C. No state where abortion was banned or severely restricted received a grade higher than a D+.”

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