The Truth About Anti-Depressants With Robert Whitaker | The Homeless Romantic


From The Homeless Romantic Podcast: “My friend journalist Robert Whitaker discusses the truth about anti-depressants and the need to bridge the gap between the public perception of mental health and the evidence-based reality. He uncovers the historical perspective on psychiatric treatments and how the long-term studies in the 1960s and 1970s revealed the questionable efficacy of these drugs. Whitaker emphasizes the importance of making the scientific literature known to the public, as studies have shown that individuals who were stabilized off psychiatric medications had better outcomes compared to those who regularly took their medications. He also discusses the ironic truth about antidepressants, highlighting that they do not fix the ‘low serotonin’ in depressed individuals but instead disrupt normal serotonin function and can lead to relapses and dependence. Whitaker argues for a more comprehensive understanding of mental health conditions and the consideration of alternative approaches to treatment.”


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  1. Mr.Whitaker,
    Thank you for your great work in telling the story of this collosal scandal.
    In England, we are told that 18 per cent of the pop. are taking A.D. meds.
    I was on a tricyclic for over 10 yrs., …heck of a time getting off..and now have an arm tremor.
    Best wishes for the campaign.

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