Racism and poverty damaging children’s mental health, says new report

From British outlet The Voice comes this story on a new report citing financial struggles and bigotry as forms of inequity affecting mental and emotional wellbeing from childhood onward: 

“Children’s mental health is being jeopardised by racism, financial pressures on parents and overcrowded housing, according to new research.

A report by the Centre for Mental Health has found that the cost-of-living crisis and other financial pressures are putting families under strain as they struggle to make ends meet.

Commissioned by Impact on Urban Health, Growing stronger together set out to better understand behavioural problems in children which include the most common childhood mental health problems.

It finds that while parents are commonly blamed for their child’s behavioural challenges, these are in fact often caused by exposure to multiple risks such as poverty and financial strain, racism, and inadequate and overcrowded housing. . . . 

The report says that mental health and educational settings should embed anti-racist approaches to tackle inequalities in experience and outcomes. . . . The report is calling on the government to commit to ending child poverty through a Child Poverty Act.

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