About recovery – what helped

From Mad in Finland:Ā In the psychiatric treatment system, one often had to believe oneself and one’s own feelings more than what kind of definitions, predictions or interpretations one could hear about one’s self. For example, I knew and decided that I would survive high school, even though I heard “you probably won’t be allowed to go to that high school” . I also decided by myself and in my right mind which member of the nursing staff I would talk to about my innermost feelings and issues and who I wouldn’t. I knew and understood and saw that some of the nurses treated some patients with disdain, indifference and provocativeness, and this was not “distorted thinking caused by the disease”, although, of course, it was interpreted as such. I decided that one day I would still recover and live a normal life, even though I had become interpreted as a long-term patient, for whom there would not be much trouble in the future.

Read the full article here and English translation here.Ā 


  1. It’s pretty sad that those of us who’ve been subjected to the paternalistic, but systemic, child abuse covering up crimes of the psychological and psychiatric industries, have to comment under pseudonyms, like “Someone Third,” “Some other,” and “Someone Else.”

    But the US MiA commenters should be able to have our comments published and translated onto other Mad in the World websites – we need to try to right the wrongs together, worldwide – since psychiatry and psychology are globalist systems.

    But I was not able to comment directly on this Mad in Finland blog … just a suggestion to MiA.

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