Quarterly theme ‘On the way’ or ‘Away’ – Getting clear what is really important to you

From Mad in the Netherlands: With understanding what is most important to us (that is, if we know our values and their meaning and therefore understand why these values are really important to us), we are not quite there yet. We will also need to develop and use problem-solving and emotion-regulating skills that can help us when we face challenges and setbacks.

In this quarterly theme, we start by exploring how ‘meaning’ and ‘goal’ (which are strongly related to our values) are essential to guide us through the challenges of life. Viktor Frankl’s life wisdom serve as an example. Next, a simple framework ‘On the way or away’ (Towards & Away Moves) is presented to help us increase our self-awareness, assess our options to then be able to make more workable decisions, especially when it comes to the greater challenges in our lives.

Read the full Dutch article here and the English translation here.


  1. psychiatry is a religious sekt and criminal organization that abuses power and drugs and kill people. Together with Big Pharma you can never recover back to a meaningful life. I am being murdered slowly without I will get ever better again.
    My trauma list caused by the psychiatry is almost endless.

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