Attitudes Towards and Patterns of Medication Use Among Persons With ‘SMI’


From Mifrasim Institute for Psychotherapy Research and Teaching: A recent conference in Israel explored medication-free alternatives for psychotic disorders, and how attitudes and patterns of medication use are related to different aspects of the identity and domains of recovery. The topics covered in the series of talks included:

  • Lived experience expertise in research collaborations
  • Identity development in people with ‘smi’; Implications for daily functioning and exploring the effects of medication
  • “Who am I now?” Experiences of psychosis, medication, disconnection, and belonging. Interviews informed by the social-identity approach.
  • How my lived experience changed my epistemic perspective
  • Experiences from developing a network-oriented “drug-free treatment unit” in Northern Norway
  • Experiences of reducing/discontinuing antipsychotics within the RADAR randomized controlled trial
  • Insight, identity, and attitudes toward medication
  • My personal story as a mother

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