Canadians Without Life-Threatening Diseases Are Being Encouraged to Consider Suicide


From Newsweek: “On Jan. 27, Dutch blogger Lauren Hoeve passed away through assisted suicide. After enduring years of chronic fatigue syndrome (also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, ME/CFS), autism, ADHD, and anxiety, she, at the young age of 28, chose euthanasia to escape a life dominated by pain.

As a Canadian, I am familiar with the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program, which has allowed eligible adults to request assisted death services since the federal legislation passed in June 2016. As of this year, the MAID program was also set to allow those with mental illness to choose euthanasia.

However, a recent development on Feb. 1 proposed legislation to temporarily exclude individuals with a sole underlying medical condition of mental illness until 2027.

This legislation is currently under review by Parliament, and unless it passes, the exclusion will be lifted on March 17, 2024. This means individuals struggling solely with mental health issues may become eligible for assisted death.

A confession: Initially, I welcomed the idea of assisted dying, believing it could be a humane choice for those at the late stages of irreversible illnesses to make choices on their own behalf. However, my growing concern lies in the application of MAID by the Canadian government.

I am now skeptical about the true autonomy of individuals opting for assisted death, especially in a country with socialized health care. The risk of medical practitioners recommending MAID as a cost-cutting measure to alleviate strain on the health care system is unsettling, as suggested by a 2020 analysis estimating potential savings of $66 million annually in health care costs.

Individuals considering MAID are already vulnerable due to physical or mental suffering, making them susceptible to external pressures. Reflecting on my own past struggles, I recognize the unpredictability of emotions and circumstances. What seems unbearable one day may change with time and support—yet the choice to end life is a permanent one.”

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  1. ” … As of this year, the MAID program was also set to allow those with mental illness to choose euthanasia.”

    This is really frightening for those defamed with the scientifically “invalid” DSM disorders in Canada, and the Americas, in general.

    Especially, given the reality that psychiatry has yet to confess that their ADHD drugs and antidepressants can create the ‘bipolar’ symptoms … resulting in an iatrogenic “bipolar epidemic,” in America.

    And the psychiatric, and their psychological industry “partners,” have largely, collectively yet to confess to the scientific fraud of their DSM “bible” billing system. Albeit, thank you to those within those industries, who are speaking the truth!

    But it also needs to be confessed that their “antipsychotics” can create both the positive and negative symptoms of, so called ‘schizophrenia,’ via anticholinergic toxidrome and neuroleptic induced deficit disorder.

    – So, the “ADHD,” “depression,” “bipolar,” and “schizophrenia” “disorders,” are all “curable” “disorders” … if you can safely get off the psych neurotoxins – which is NOT necessarily easy.

    But, as I painted in 2005, we are living in an upside down and backwards America. Let’s hope and pray we may bring about a better world for all … some day, and soon.

    Thus, I do so hope, the “Feb. 1 proposed legislation to temporarily exclude individuals with a sole underlying medical condition of mental illness until 2027” is enacted.

    But, as one who was misdiagnosed with three so called “mental illnesses,” within three days, by three different – greed and malevolent child abuse and easily recognized iatrogenic illness profiteering inspired doctors. I know excluding all individuals with any, and a myriad of so called “mental illnesses, is unwise.

    So let’s hope and pray the Feb 1 “proposed legislation” prevents Canadian doctors from mass murdering the innocent people that psychiatry, psychology, and mainstream doctors have been fraudulently defaming with the “invalid” DSM “disorders,” for nefarious reasons, and for decades.

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