Joey Marino Dies; ‘ER’ Actor Had Developed Severe Tardive Dyskinesia


Joey Marino, an actor on the 90’s television show ER who developed a horrific case of tardive dyskinesia after being prescribed Seroquel for anxiety, passed away on January 14th.

In 2021, he had published a poem called “Bedridden” on Mad in America, and a video of him was included in Peter Gotzsche’s blog “Psychiatry’s Denial of the Horrors of Tardive Dyskinesia.Another video posted to the Coalition to End Psychiatric Harm YouTube channel shows Joey struggling with the movement disorder in the hospital last year. He discussed his disablement on the Walk a Mile in My Shoes podcast, and an Instagram tribute page quotes some of his thoughts on psychiatry.


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  1. Joey was not only doing everything in his power to recover from this debilitating drug-induced condition, but also doing all that he could to create an awareness to prevent others from experiencing the same suffering.

    He was an incredibly strong, kindhearted man.

    Thank you for calling attention to his story.

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  2. Joey was a lovely man who wanted to warn others about the dangers of “serokill”. That it is prescribed at all, given this potential risk is horrifying. If a “sleeping” dose of 25 mg can do this, what about the usual doses of 400mg for bipolar” or “schizophrenia”?
    These neurotoxic neuroleptics should be banned completely.
    I hope Joey is at peace. He deserved much better from life.

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