Moms’ group launches grass-roots fight against social media ‘addiction’

From The Washington Post comes this analysis by Cristiano Lima-Strong examining a new group, Mothers Against Media Addiction (MAMA), that aims to address the impact of screen time on children: 

“A group of mothers is launching a grass-roots initiative aimed at combating what they call rising ‘addiction’ among kids to social media and other digital tools, bringing a well-connected new entrant into the contentious debate over children’s online safety. 

Parental groups have become a major political force in those discussions, making their presence felt in federal talks over potential child protection rules and at the recent blockbuster hearing with Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg and other tech CEOs.

But the group — Mothers Against Media Addiction, or MAMA — is looking to bring more parents into the fold at the local and state level through grass-roots organizing. 

‘The movement is still missing the grass-roots power to both educate local communities about the dangers of social media for young people and advocate for policies that will make an impact,’ Julie Scelfo, the group’s founder and a former New York Times contributor, told me. . . . 

The new initiative is financially backed by the Center for Humane Technology (CHT) nonprofit — led by influential and outspoken social media critic Tristan Harris.”

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