Black LGBTQ+ youth face rejection from multiple sources. They need safe spaces.

On, Mira Lazine has this story on mental health and experiences of discrimination among Black trans and queer youth, noting their increased risk of suicidality: 

“Two recently published research reports published by The Trevor Project and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) say that Black transgender youth are more likely to be suicidal and are more likely to experience discrimination from both family and their white LGBTQ+ peers.

The Trevor Project survey revealed that 21% of its Black transgender, nonbinary, or questioning respondents reported having a suicide attempt in the past year, over double what was seen for their Black LGBQ cisgender peers. Over half (51%) of the Black transgender, nonbinary, or questioning respondents considered suicide in the past year, compared to 32% of Black LGBQ cisgender youth.

The Human Rights Campaign report reveals that over 78% of Black transgender and gender-expansive youth have reported racism in the LGBTQ+ community, compared to 74.8% of their cisgender peers. Many report that they are not able to trust their white LGBTQ+ peers, with the percentage for both transgender and cisgender youth being above 60%.

The report goes on to detail that over 80% of Black LGBTQ+ youth experience homophobia and transphobia within the Black community and that over 50% of both Black transgender and cisgender youth don’t feel accepted by other Black people due to being LGBTQ+.

58.6% of Black LGBTQ+ youth report experiencing some form of rejection from their parents, while only 56.5% report experiencing support from their parents.”

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