David Egilman, Doctor Who Took On Drug Companies, Dies at 71


From The New York Times: “Dr. David Egilman, a physician and expert witness who, over a 35-year span, gave testimony in some 600 trials involving corporate malfeasance, resulting in billions of dollars in awards for victims and their survivors, died on April 2 at his home in Foxborough, Mass. He was 71.

. . . Many medical experts make a side business in court, offering their informed opinions on the witness stand and helping to validate or undermine plaintiffs’ claims. But few make it a career-long passion in the way Dr. Egilman did. He taught at Brown University and ran a private practice but spent most of his time consulting and testifying in as many as 15 cases a year.

. . . ‘As a doctor, I can treat one cancer patient at a time,’ he said during a 2018 trial. ‘But by being here, I have the potential to save millions.’

. . . He also pushed back against what he saw as pharmaceutical marketing intruding on the realm of scientific research. Writing in peer-reviewed medical journals, he showed how drug companies used tactics like ghostwriting — drawing up their own studies, then paying a doctor to add their name — and ‘seeding,’ in which companies run their own questionable studies to build support for their drugs.

. . . After medical school and training at the National Institutes of Health, he moved to Cincinnati, where he set up a clinic as part of the U.S. Public Health Service. Many of his patients were industrial and mining workers who had developed medical conditions after years of working in unsafe environments.

The experience steeled Dr. Egilman’s determination to stand up against medical injustice. He returned to Massachusetts in 1985, where he opened a private practice and began teaching at Brown.

To handle his growing list of legal clients, he set up a separate company, Never Again Consulting, a nod both to his father’s experience during the Holocaust as well as the importance of not allowing the horrors of Nazi medical experimentation to be replicated.”

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  1. “Doctor Who Took On Drug Companies”

    Of course I thought that a Time Lord would have a much greater chance of success.

    After being the ‘victim’ of a Law Centre which is conspiring with the State to conceal human rights abuses, I find legal avenues to improving the lot of ‘patients’ to be analogous to a Jew approaching the Office of Jewish Affairs in National Socialist Germany to complain about their treatment by the authorities. Here’s your ‘train ticket’ to the E.D.

    Though Dr Egilman was working in the US, not Australia, where the meaning of ‘legal representative’ does not include people who would forge letters of response from the Chief Psychiatrist and deny access to legal remedy for someone who had been tortured. THAT is not legal representation, it’s conspiring….. though what would victims do in such situations where the Police (and other corruption authorities….. watchdogs my arse) are actively assisting the criminals?

    Clever to pretend to be the ‘defenders of human rights’ whilst taking State funding, and assist in the concealment of human rights abuses …… but also a little distasteful.

    Seems a shame to loose such a man, as they are becoming increasingly difficult to replace in a world increasingly devoid on moral rectitude.

    Inna lilahi wa inna lilahi rajioon.

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