Pittsburgh First-Episode Program Leads to New Developments in Psychosis Care

A new article reviews how an early intervention program for psychosis has led to new developments in how first-episode psychosis is understood and treated.


Current approaches to supporting persons experiencing first-episode psychosis (FEP) have been made possible through the work of combined research and treatment settings over the past 30 years. A recent article published in Early Intervention in Psychiatry covers the work of a Pittsburgh-based early intervention program, the Services for the Treatment of Early Psychosis (STEP), and how it has contributed to major developments in the conceptualization and treatment of early psychosis.

Helen Wood (former Psychologist for STEP, now at the University of Vermont) and Deepak Sarpal (Medical Director for STEP, UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital/the University of Pittsburgh) coordinated an interdisciplinary group of authors with past and current connections to STEP to write this article. The team describes how STEP integrates feedback from service users and family members in their programming:

“Importantly, researchers also valued dialogue with, and learning from, service users, including hosting innovative annual STEP conferences incorporating client and family member perspectives. Dialogue between patients, families, and researchers at an early STEP conference led to referrals for patients to receive Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET) for early psychosis, leading to the first study of CET effectiveness and neuroplasticity benefits mediating improved cognition. These led also to a multi-element approach in STEP combining psychosocial and pharmacological interventions.”

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