Shield Alert: Stop David Russell From Being Force Electroshocked


From MindFreedom International: “David Russel is terrified. He is currently a psychiatric prisoner at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and there is a court hearing scheduled for this coming Monday, May 6th, where they are on track to get a court order through a sham legal process to electroshock him against his will. David is terrified because he saw another patient who was electroshocked who now can’t even talk.

They really have David boxed in, taking his rights away through a guardianship/conservatorship and assigning him the same lawyer in both cases, who does nothing on his behalf according to David and as far as we can tell. Having a guardian means David is not allowed to make his own decisions, essentially putting him in the position of a small child with the guardian taking the place of his parents. The Conservator has control of David’s assets, including his income and bank account. David is an employed software engineer and the guardianship/conservatorship is absurd, bud sadly we see this all the time.

He is currently forced to take Zyprexa and has experienced the typical large weight gain associated with it. Zyprexa also dramatically increases the risk of diabetes. Previously, he was forced to take Risperdal, which has caused his breasts to swell up and lactate. This is called gynecomastia and is a well-established consequence of taking Risperdal.

This is all terrible and it would be great for David to be freed, both physically from psychiatric incarceration and forced drugging, and from the guardianship, but right now he desperately wants to avoid being electroshocked.”

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  1. I suggest we ask the “Christians” at Catholic “Charities” and those responsible for forcing this on an unwilling adult intelligent enough to know better than to accept barbaric torture of electroshock…

    “How would Jesus force electroshock on someone who did not want electricity forced into their brains?” “Would Jesus tie the person down while they are in terror, begging for mercy?” “Would he steal their assets under the guise of “care?”

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  2. Hello Dr. Morgan,

    I am writing to respectfully request that you do not force David Russell to undergo electro shock therapy.

    Not only is it unconscionable to force something like that on a person, electroshock has been repeatedly proven to have many bad side effects.

    If you would not undergo this treatment or recommended for a loved one, obviously you should not inflict it on somebody who is not able to advocate for himself.

    Give this man back his agency!

    Urgently, Eliza M

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  3. Hello,
    I’m writing to request you do not force David Russel to undergo shock treatment.
    It’s very damaging and will make the situation worse for everyone involved.
    He is simply requesting a release of information at this time. Respectfully, Please send Mr. Gottstein the Electroshock Petition and sign an Authorization for Release of Information.
    Urgently, Eliza M

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