Ghosts in the Machine: The Fantasies of Psychopharmacology | David Healy


From David Healy/RxISK: “This lecture . . . outlines a radical new view about what antidepressants do and don’t do. It covers issues that need input from everyone on how best to move forward with these treatments. The slides and text can be found on in a post called Fantasies of Psychopharmacology.

This talk was first given at a Medicating Normal meeting for mental health staff in Lexington, Kentucky, organized by Geoff Wilson, and a few days later in May at the invitation of Don Marks to a group of clinical psychologists in Kean University, New Jersey.  I’m hoping it will lead to feedback from both groups and others.

It is twinned with¬†Truth, Trust and Health also given at the same venues, and both audiences were given a copy of¬†Challenging My Doctor to Disclose.”


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