Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS): How the Last Step to Recovery Became the Final Step...

How persistent, unbearable suffering, due to prolonged withdrawal from antipsychotics prescribed as a sleeping medication, led to euthanasia.

Engaging Voices, Part 1: Validating The Arrival of My Wife’s First ‘Alters’

Sam Ruck shares his third excerpt from his book Healing Companions, which describes his life with, and love for, his wife and her “alters.” 
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How Psychiatrists Responded to the Launch of Our New ECT Survey

Amid mostly rude and unprofessional jibes, there were also some legitimate points, which are addressed here.

Is Madness an Evolved Signal? Justin Garson on Strategy Versus Dysfunction

Philosopher Justin Garson discusses the potential benefit of looking at madness not as disease or defect, but as a designed feature.
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The Integration of Peer Support Principles in Community Mental Health Policy and Practice: Toward...

Though there are obstacles, integration of peer support is already underway thanks to change agents in the mental health system.

Common Side Effects Leading to Antidepressant Discontinuation

New research finds the negative drug effects most commonly associated with initiating antidepressant discontinuation are anxiety, suicidal thoughts, vomiting, and rashes.
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Depression: Psychiatry’s Discredited Theories and Drugs Versus a Sane Model and Approach

Psychiatry’s depression outcomes are poor because its bio-chemical-electrical treatments are based on a depression model that science has flushed down the toilet.

My Lived Experience Helps Others Heal: Working with Families on the Path to Recovery

If one person is struggling, everyone in the family is struggling. Families need support.

Benzodiazepines in Canada: Is a Withdrawal Crisis Looming?

Why are benzos, for short-term use only, being doled out, in some cases, for years? Nicole Lamberson and Mark Horowitz weigh in.

‘It Was a Joint Effort’: Deborah Kasdan on Bringing Her Late Sister’s Story to...

Author Deborah Kasdan discusses her memoir of her late sister, "Roll Back The World."
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The Psychiatric Peddlers in Your Schools

Educators and parents must equip children with the necessary tools to meet the normal problems of childhood that psychiatry attempts to address.

Antidepressant Use Linked to Sexual Dysfunction, Why Aren’t Prescribers Discussing It?

Research sheds light on the impact of antidepressants on sexual dysfunction, emphasizing the need for patient-physician communication.

Antidepressant Use Tightly Correlates with Increased Suicide Rates

While the study can’t confirm causality, it does contradict the notion that antidepressants reduce suicide at the population level.
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“A Dangerous Substance”: The Impact of Social Media on Youth Mental Health

This is what social media does, she says. It draws people in. It hurts people. In the worst cases, it kills people.

Grief, Bereavement, Public Health, and Me

In public health, we talk about death. But we don’t talk about grief or bereavement. We don’t study the hole left behind in the family system or social sphere.

Reflections on the Silicon Valley Teen Suicides-by-Train: Fifteen Years Later

A psychiatrist and mom reflects on teen suicide clusters in Palo Alto and discusses alternative ways to address adolescent mental health.
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The “Madness” of Inpatient Psychiatry

Inpatient psychiatry is not a place of psychological healing; it is devoid of compassion and full of human rights abuses.

Irish Psychiatry Says Chemical Imbalance Is a Figure of Speech—So, What Now?

Don’t researchers and clinicians have an ethical responsibility to inform the public that the "chemical imbalance" story is false?

Peaceful Reflections on the Past from ‘One Who Got Away’

The pain has gone now, and I am grateful for who it has made me — a happier person than before. Perhaps broken open a bit, but in a good way.
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Enlarging the Treatment Lens for Postpartum Depression

Drugs, social support, placenta encapsulation: How can we approach the specter of postpartum depression?
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How the Medical Profession Pathologizes Emotions and the Damage to Patients

Doctors’ diagnostic inflexibility and unwillingness to take an integrative approach limits patients’ autonomy in their own treatment.

Despite Safety Risks, Prescribers Receive Little Guidance of Monitoring Antipsychotic Clozapine

A new review finds a lack of available guidance on how to effectively monitor adverse effects of antipsychotic drug clozapine.
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I Heard Some Voices and They Were Magnificent

Even though my 'psychoses’ have been beautiful, you also need a safe place to be able to process them.
A syringe and a bottle labeled ketamine.

Much of U.S. Healthcare Is Broken: How to Fix It (Chapter 2, Part 7)

On antidepressants versus CBT, the buzz around ketamine, and drugs for postpartum depression.
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Trauma and Resources Within Social Context

What is seen as pathology is a complex web of surviving strategies learned in aversive circumstances that can cause distress later.