house of cards is tumbling down with title: Psychiatry's Evidence Base

Desperate Measures: Ghaemi’s Response to Our Review of Lithium and Suicide Prevention

Ghaemi’s article is more of a rant than a scientific commentary.

2017: My Descent Into Mayhem

It’s time to seek out and rescue those pieces of me still trapped in that time and allow them to finally be at peace.

Who Is Afraid of the Abolition of Psychiatric Confinement?

Psychiatry doesn't care that you haven't committed a crime. The law gives them the authority to deprive you of your freedom for as long as they deem necessary.

The Connection Cure: An Interview with Julia Hotz

Julia Hotz is a solutions-focused journalist based in New York City. She is the author of the forthcoming book, The Connection Cure: The Prescriptive...
Stock photo of hands on the bars of a cell, collaged with Derrida's face over the right side

The Patient-Enemy: How Derrida Helps Explain Psychiatry’s Cruelty and Care

"Now look what you made me do!" Psychiatrists feel obligated to care for their patients, but also resentful of this obligation.
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Iatrogenic Practices in Psychiatry: Kindling

Psychiatric practices can have very painful and destabilizing consequences, including "kindling" or neuronal sensitization.

Lessons from a Global Psychiatric Conference: The Good, the Bad, and the Complicated

Has the global mental health movement truly reformed its tone-deaf universalist attitudes?

What I Wish I’d Asked Dr. Gabor Maté When I Had the Chance

Does my complex PTSD, depression and rage go back farther than I think? Back to the womb and my earliest days of life? Is that even possible?
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What Are We Overlooking? Reviewing Current and Alternative Treatments for Psychosis

We should explore a raft of interventions, as susceptibility to psychosis isn’t separable from a person’s general well-being.

Conveying Hope, Empowering Teens: An Interview With Jessica Schleider

Clinical psychologist Jessica Schleider is founding director of the Lab for Scalable Mental Health, researching single-session interventions.

Who Is Being Targeted for Forced Medical Treatment in NYC? We Require Answers

I’m concerned for those forcibly drugged under Mayor Adams' policy. But also because New York City sets a national precedent.

Youth Antipsychotic Use Linked to Increased Risk of Death within Five Years

Those aged 18-24 had an increased risk of death within five years on doses above 100 mg chlorpromazine equivalents.

The TikTokification of Mental Health on Campus

Many people view their social media feeds as reflections of their identities—and when posts center on a specific diagnosis, it can feel like the platform is diagnosing them.

Green Star Mother Demands Answers from VA Secretary

If the Veterans Administration is sincere in wanting to reduce veteran suicides, the first place to start is to collect information following these deaths to try to better understand the causes.
Illustration of poison jars labeled with a skull and the words "COGNITIVE DISSONANCE"

It’s You, It’s Not Me: Treatment Resistant Depression and the Psychiatric Breakup

"Treatment resistance" is best explained not as a medical issue but as a way for psychiatry to resolve cognitive dissonance.

Madness, Utopia and Revolt: An Interview With Sasha Warren

Sasha Warren founded Of Unsound Mind to trace the histories of psychiatry and its connection to policing and prisons.
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Prescription Drugs: The Hidden Costs to Health and the Planet

Pharmaceuticals seem to overtake every facet of life, but it’s important to start thinking critically about what we are putting in our bodies.

My Red October – An Army Veteran’s Crucible to Recovery

After my VA mental health team prescribed Prozac, I began experiencing rapidly escalating behavioral changes. The drug was never considered as a potential cause.

“War Cry For Change”: Veterans Launch Campaign for Informed Consent and Safe Deprescribing at...

Derek Blumke and Timothy Jensen: The Grunt Style Foundation leads a new phase in the movement to combat psychiatric drug harm.

What It’s Really Like Inside a Psychiatric Ward

In a way, the hospital had made me feel better. It had shown me a vision of hell that was going to become my future if I didn't take drastic action.
Young handsome doctor man pointing with finger at you as if inviting come closer.

Doctors Are Not Trained to Think Critically

University students are expected to to ask questions, but medical students are expected to give "correct" answers.
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Reframing Mental and Emotional Pain from a Buddhist Psychology Perspective

The Five Hindrances perspective encourages exploring the underlying causes of suffering and developing strategies for coping and resilience.
Illustration of a magnet pulling the glowing word "data" out of a laptop computer

“Confidential” 988 Conversation Records Shared with Corporations

Recordings of 988 callers’ voice, text, and chat conversations are being shared with researchers, AI developers, and corporations without consent.

Did Something Happen?! The Power of Poetry in Telling My Son’s Story

It's hard, if not impossible, to impose on my son’s story any kind of literary “sense.” As a writer and a mother both, this has been my challenge. 
A screenshot from Dr. Strangelove depicting Major Kong riding a bomb and waving his cowboy hat

How to Explain Top Psychiatrists’ “Dr. Strangelove Exuberance” Unchecked by Reality

Leading psychiatrists appear unfazed that their theories and treatments are repeatedly proven to be scientifically invalid and discarded.