“Trust” In Therapeutic Relationship Key to Moderating Psychedelic Risks

-Psychiatry Advisor reports on psychiatrist James Rucker's campaign for more research into the therapeutic potentials of psychedelic drugs, and on critics who point to the risks.

“Scientists Push to Renew Psychedelic Drug Research for Psychiatry”

-CBC Radio interviews UK neuropsychopharmacologist David Nutt, Mark Haden of MAPS, and historian Erika Dyck about the past and present politics and science of psychedelic research.

“The Manual of Psychedelic Support”

-Zevic Mishor writes about the development and release of a free guide to supporting people through extreme states induced by the use of psychedelic drugs.

British Government Plans to Illegalize All Unapproved Psychoactive Substances

A Kings College London psychiatrist worries what broad new British restrictions on psychoactive substances could mean for psychedelic research.

“I Did Psychedelic First Aid at a Festival in Costa Rica”

-Eamon Armstrong describes the Zendo Project, and his own experience providing support for people taking psychedelic drugs.

“The Truth about Psychedelics and Mental Illness”

-New York Magazine discusses two recent studies that looked at the long-term relationships between use of psychedelics and the development of mental illnesses.

Researchers Describe “Mind-blowing” Findings With Psychedelics

-Michael Pollan visits the resurgence of interest in the psychotherapeutic properties of psychedelic drugs in an essay in The New Yorker.

Psychedelic Use Associated with Reductions in Suicidal Tendencies

People who have taken a psychedelic drug at least once have less suicidal thinking than the general population.

“Healing with MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy” and Other Psychedelic Stories

The Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies' Winter 2014 Bulletin is freely available. Among other articles, the issue includes a personal story of a patient,...

“Can psychedelic trips cure PTSD and other maladies?”

The Washington Post explores some of the history of research into the therapeutic potentials of even just one session with a psychedelic drug, and...

Can Psychedelics Help End Addictions with One Dose?

Q13 Fox News discusses recent research giving psychedelics to people struggling with alcohol or cigarettes. David Nutt, an Imperial College London neuro-psychopharmacologist "thinks psilocybin...

Sunday History Channel: Seventy-five Years of Psychedelic Psychiatry

Mo Costandi provides a brief history in The Guardian of research activities using psychedelic substances such as LSD for psychiatric and psychotherapeutic purposes. Costandi...

Sunday Meditation: Are Non-ordinary States “Freeing” the Brain to Truly See?

On his blog Metaphysical Speculations, Bernardo Kastrup challenges conventional psychiatric assumptions that the brain produces and controls consciousness. Kastrup cites two recent studies published...

Top Psychiatrist Fired In “Political” Row Over PTSD-Marijuana Study

A psychiatrist at the University of Arizona was fired after state Republican Senators criticized her work to university officials, according to the New York...

British Psychiatrists Advocate Psychedelics for Depression

The journal Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology has published a review of what is known about psychedelic drugs' biochemical effects in the human brain, their...