Monday, October 25, 2021

Comments by Susan Bell

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  • Another well-articulated and important addition to the personal stories of unnecessary and significant harm done by psychiatric drugs. The key take-away: Don’t start! It’s a slippery slope that’s super hard to climb your way out of, and often leaves devastating damage in its wake. Let’s shout it from the rooftops: Don’t start! Thank you for sharing, Antonia.

  • This is such a thoughtfully written expose – so important and so timely as psychedelic therapy quickly moves toward mainstream acceptance. Therapy with psychedelics certainly comes with many benefits and risks, depending on a multitude of factors. But I hadn’t thought about the huge risk of abuse by the therapist until reading this. Thank you so much, Will, for enlightening us! May your message continue to spread so that everyone becomes aware of this potential aspect for harm, leading hopefully to the strictest safeguards being put in place in therapeutic settings, along with extra training on this topic for all staff involved.