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  • The MindFreedom Shield program is unequivocally NOT about ‘running from the law’. The advocacy done by MindFreedom members when one member activates their Shield involves nonviolent and completely legal methods of lobbying such as highlighting the targeted person’s plight in the media, with local politicians, and letting mental health system administrators know that sunlight is being shone on their activities.

    MindFreedom does not advocate or facilitate any illegal activity.

    We hope this has clarified the situation for you. If you have any questions about MindFreedom programs you are encouraged to contact our office directly, and we will be happy to share more information with you. We would rather those who are unclear on the facts do this than make sweeping public and permanent statements online.

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  • Hi Brett,

    Thank goodness there are professionals out there like you! It is certainly refreshing to hear about your approach — particularly your avoidance of the disease model and your insistence on full informed consent for psychotropic medications.

    Have you considered being listed in the MindFreedom directory of alternatives? ( It’s made up entirely of professionals like yourself who agree with MindFreedom principles and try to offer an alternative to the dominant, biopsychiatric paradigm. There are folks like you out there; if only there were more!

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