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  • Kudos, and all power to the survivor and critics community in the US. We do need to fight for a legal response to the misstreatments and medical malpractice, it is outrageous how many lives are pushed to further suffering, years of life lost, people disabled and families, whole communities broken because of the hubris and prejudices, interests and all that is holding a status quo that benefits barely anyone.

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  • Wonderful interview, rough experience. “They don’t treat you as human at all”: yes, that’s the point. And they feel OK, entitled and even meant to do so, push you down and beat you while you are still on the floor. Caring, so many worlds, galaxies even, apart from the real situation. Wishing Mr. Brown is still enjoying his peak moment, going up and beyond.

    Was the “Unheard Voices” series of articles cancelled?

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