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  • The Satanic Panic moral panic of the 80’s and 90’s was an outgrowth of the Stranger Danger moral panic of the 1970’s. If you look into that, “Stranger Danger” was started by non other than Jimmy Saville who himself was a prolific pedophile in England. He wrote a book for kids called “Stranger Danger” warning them of strangers while he was molesting droves of children. He distracted the authorities with his stranger danger movement and got away with horrific crimes. He openly molested mental patients in Broadmoor Psychiatric Institution, in England, where he was a porter.

    The same could be said for the Satanic Panic and so-called “Satanic Ritual Abuse,” which has been debunked and discredited over and over again. It distracts the authorities with a witch hunt and strains public resources that could otherwise go towards investigating actual pedophiles. My point in the article is that psychiatry continues to promote a thoroughly debunked moral panic/witch hunt and that this clearly shows that you can’t trust psychiatry. That’s all. My point of view is that psychiatry is pseudoscience. “Dissociation” is a pseudoscientific idea, and hypnosis sessions are not permissable as evidence in US courts. (Discomfort from having taken antipsychotics is a likely culprit.)

    I don’t buy the notion that there are upper echlons of the government run by a Satanic cult started by the CIA. To me that is a truly laughable conspiracy theory. Cathy O’Brien does not seem too credible if you ask me. Just from doing 2 minutes of research I found that Cathy O’Brien claims to have been raped by Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, and Hillary Clinton. That many politicians just does not seem likely.

    I explained in the article, also, that the uptick in Bipolar diagoses is likely also caused by a moral panic from an episode of the X-Files from 1995. Is it a coincidence that MPD gets debunked that year, then pharma-research and psychiatry seize upon a new revenue source- bipolar, after having noted that there was an X-Files episode that could be used to trigger sales of Risperidone? I think not. I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of Occam’s Razor. This is something that is believed by people in academia, that I learned from someone with a doctoral degree.

    As far as the 80% figure being thrown about here, when you cite studies conducted by Psychologists or Psychiatrists you are just citing pseudocientific sources. I think 80% percent of Bipolar cases are just psychiatrists negligently mishandling confused families with nothing wrong with them, who have minor problems. The other 20% may be misdiagnosed PTSD. In some cases, as in yours, that seems to be the case. But there is something fishy about the claim that a full 80% of mental patients are misdiagnosed and are actually PTSD childhood sexual abuse victims. It just doesn’t sound right. It doesn’t fit Occam’s razor.

    As far as Gray Faction, I know little about “The Satanic Temple” other than that it has a base in Salem, Massachusetts. From what I understand, in the 1980’s, Lawrence Pazder, the Canadian psychiatrist who wrote the debunked book “Michelle Remembers,” initially blamed The Church of Satan started by Anton LeVey, who you may or may not have heard of. LeVey threatend Pazder with a defamation lawsuit, then Pazder backed off. So perhaps since people target Satanists with unfounded claims, the Satanists feel the need to debunk certain psychologists and psychiatrists who have them in their sights? Do you believe that Dungeons and Dragons causes children to worship Satan then commit suicide? Do you believe that Judas Priest inserts backwards Satanic messages into their music to make teenagers worship Satan and kill themselves? These kinds of claims are complete crap. You really should look into Q Anon because belief in these types of conspiracy theories is leading people to commit violent acts and to become extremists.

  • In Massachusetts, Dr. Janet Wozniak is a protege of Dr. Joseph Biederman. In turn, the Psychiatrist that diagnosed me initially (a diagnosis that has since been tossed), is Dr. Joseph Shrand. He is a protege of Dr. Wozniak- a claim he makes on his YouTube channel. He is also chummy with Biederman and interviews him on his channel. Looks like I got really unlucky with the quack gang.

  • Hi, thank you for commenting on my article. First off, I’m glad that you got your case straightened out, as you seem to have experienced a misdiagnosis also. My thoughts on the subject of bipolar is that it’s iatrogenic in most cases. In your case you had past trauma that was misdiagnosed. However, in my case this is not what has happened. For psychiatrists to say that 80% of bipolar is past childhood trauma, is to me, evidently an outgrowth of the Satanic Panic and Stranger Danger moral panics of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, and do not reflect an actuality. If you look at the FBI report on Satanic Ritual Abuse in 1995, when the Frontline documentary came out I discussed, the report, as shown in the film, shows that there was no evidence of Satanic cults found by the FBI in any form as espoused by psychiatrists for the prior 15 years. If there was any evidence since then, you can be sure that it would have been front page news and everyone would know about it. To insinuate that there were actors high up in the government hiding information is basically what the conspiracy theory based Q Anon movement is about. Some of those conspiracy theorists attacked Congress on January 6th, 2021 thinking that ‘all Democrats are in a satanic cult’ or thinking similar lines of thought when they tried to overthrow the government for Trump. I really seriously think that you should take a look at the issue again a rethink your position, and I apologize for bring politics into this.

    Second, for you to insinuate that I was probably raped and don’t remember it, and that most people with a mental health diagnosis of Bipolar, Schizophrenic, Schizoaffective, etc. are actually misdiagnosed and have had childhood sexual abuse is, quite frankly rude. I know that did not happen in my case. I have a very supportive loving family, thank you very much. Just because it happened to you, doesn’t mean that it happened to everybody with the diagnosis. I think that psychiatrists are probably promoting that narrative at the moment though, as a marketing ploy, it would seem, judging by various comments I’ve read attached to this article.

    The bipolar diagnosis is by far more likely, in my opinion, something that was given to a lot of teenagers and younger children whose parents advocated for the diagnosis to their children’s psychiatrist, thinking (falsely) that it was a genetic disorder in their familiy where there had already been past family members with the diagnosis. (Nobody is tested for a gene prior to diagnosis.) If you look deeply at psychiatry and psychology diagnosis protocol, IT is abuse in my opinion. That being said, if I were raped tomorrow and felt traumatized by it, I would NOT go to a psychiatrist or psychologist having already experienced the demented and distopian nature of mental hospitals. You need to give people that choice, or it’s coercion. The only trauma I have is from being in mental hospitals themselves and from being forcibly drugged against my will. Period.

  • Hi, thanks for the comment. I think you have to be careful when taking in information from people on a locked ward. If they’re kids or adolescents, they could be angry at the thier parents for having them placed in a locked facility, and then make statements against them that could include accusations of different forms of abuse. Children are often coerced into making statements against their parents that conform to ideas thought up by psychiatrists. I forgot to mention another great PBS documentary by Frontline called “Divided Memories” which about this. A lot of times the therapists would pester the kids, showing them an anatomically correct doll, making suggestive statements repeatedly until the kid finally agreed to say that something happened. A historic example of this type of phenomenon would be the McMartin Preschool case which was part of the Satanic Panic. Finally, the idea that 80% of mental health cases are actually PTSD and misdiagnosed doesn’t seem to be correct. This is the first I’ve heard of this.

    A central issue in Anti-psychiatry is that a diagnosis can be made by non-doctors, that is psychologists- people with no medical training. No medically trained people are required to make a psychiatric diagnosis. Also, once the diagnosis is obtained, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a non-doctor, can prescribe the drugs. Again, no doctor or medical school trained individual needed or present for this. Finally, the term “biological psychiatry” is, truthfully, a misnomer and misleading- not a single biological test exists, not a single chemical test or blood test, to determine a psychiatric diagnosis. Claims of genetic defects and chemical imbalances are made without ever testing a patient first before drugging them.

    Risperidone was actually developed starting in the 1970’s to stop an LSD trip. When they found something that worked, they realized it was anti-dopaminergic. LSD experiences were seen as psychotomimetic, so they thought they could use it to treat psychosis. However, the LSD experience isn’t considered psychotomimetic anymore. Entheogenic is a more accurate word. Therefore, current treatment models are severely flawed. Ultimately psychology and psychiatry people are just throwing chemicals at people, based off outdated research, hoping for the best.

  • One of the leading researchers of dissociation was Dr. Bennett Braun, who lost his license to practice medicine in the midwest during the late 1990’s for malpractice suits related to MPD. He has now resurfaced in Montana and is facing further suits there:

  • Hi, thanks for commenting. 80% of mental patients being victims of childhood sexual abuse sounds way too high. I’m not sure where you got that statistic, but you should double check that. It couldn’t be right. If you check out the documentary I mentioned, PBS Frontline “The Search For Satan” (which is on YouTube by the way) there’s an official FBI statement at the end saying they never found evidence of massive pervasive Satanic cults. The problem is that wasting resources on a witch hunt actually stops authorities from catching actual pedophiles that could have otherwise been caught.

  • Hi, thanks for reading. I just want to say in regard to DID, if you look at the original MPD patient Shirley Mason (Sybil) who was featured in the 1970’s Sally Field movie about her, she actually admitted that the personalities were fake. Here’s a link to a good article about that in case you missed it:

    I think people gravitate towards sensationalism. It definitely sells newspapers and books. That being said, the MPD diagnosis was promoted by a writer in the 70’s, Flora Rheta Schreiber, who knew that Mason’s story was most likely untrue, which was revealed in letters she wrote. To me, it’s upsetting that psychiatry went straight from outlawing lobotomy in 1973 to promoting another pseudoscience in an effort that has lasted to the current present.

    As far as Schizophrenia, the diagosis and the word itself was invented by Eugen Bleuler in 1908. He openly advocated for the forced sterilization of patients he deemed unfit, and appears to be a eugenicist.

  • Therapy abuse is common is psychiatry outside of Psychedelic therapy. If you look at the Multiple Personality Disorder Satanic Panic of the 1980’s and 90’s, a bunch of psychiatrists married their patients. This includes Lawrence Pazder, the Canadian psychiatrist who wrote the discredited 1980 book “Michelle Remembers” about so called “Satanic ritual abuse” (total nonsense). One of the psychiatrists from the PBS documentary “Divided Memories” also married his patient. It seems common, I think, because Psychiatrists often would like to see themselves as heroes (to deny their own death anxiety Ernest Becker would say) and rescuers of women to satisfy and gratify themselves personally. To me, the issue of Psychedelic drugs is more about personal access. You really don’t need a therapist to use psychedelics successfully. The war on drugs is a lost cause. Oregon has the right idea. Shamanism and entheogens should not be illegal nor replaced with quackery and pseudoscience as is currently the case.

  • I appreciate your thoughtful response, I_e. I disagree, though in some respect. From what research I’ve done, there’s no physical evidence of SRA and it’s likely that DID/MPD is iatrogenic. I think there’s a really dark possibility that this just shows the power of collective death anxiety, religion, society, moral panic, and scapegoats. Perhaps millenarianism.

  • Bennett Braun is mentioned in the news from time to time because he lost high profile lawsuits in the late 90’s concerning the subject matter I mentioned. There’s a 2019 article in the Montana Standard about him, too, that you can google if you’re interested. He got banned from practicing medicine in Illinois in the late 1990’s, then recently got in trouble again in Montana.

  • There are a lot of situations where presribing meds is pointless and only for profits. For example, if anyone has seen the PBS Frontline documentary “The Search For Satan” (on YouTube if curious) there were people being told by “professionals” who were actually quacks, that they were members of multi-generational satanic cults. It turns out the leader in the “field of dissociation” Dr. Bennett Braun, had basically created a conspiracy theory based on world war II hysteria, making it into a medical diagnosis. He was telling people the alleged illness (Multiple Personality Disorder, now called Dissociative Identity Disorder) was caused by satanic cults but also that it was genetic, which makes no sense. He was prescribing multitudes of heavy psychiatric medications to people who were normal. To this day, psychiatry still claims the leading cause of Dissociative Identity Disorder is “Satanic Ritual Abuse” though in the documentary the FBI says they have found no evidence of these alleged cults. Shows you where a lot of these new far right groups like QAnon probably got their narratives. But these people were prescribed so many medications that they became abnormal, which I think happens in most psychiatric cases. If psychiatry is saying there are satanic cults and spreads nonsense conspiracy theories like this, you really can’t trust anything coming out of psychiatry.