Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • Therapy abuse is common is psychiatry outside of Psychedelic therapy. If you look at the Multiple Personality Disorder Satanic Panic of the 1980’s and 90’s, a bunch of psychiatrists married their patients. This includes Lawrence Pazder, the Canadian psychiatrist who wrote the discredited 1980 book “Michelle Remembers” about so called “Satanic ritual abuse” (total nonsense). One of the psychiatrists from the PBS documentary “Divided Memories” also married his patient. It seems common, I think, because Psychiatrists often would like to see themselves as heroes (to deny their own death anxiety Ernest Becker would say) and rescuers of women to satisfy and gratify themselves personally. To me, the issue of Psychedelic drugs is more about personal access. You really don’t need a therapist to use psychedelics successfully. The war on drugs is a lost cause. Oregon has the right idea. Shamanism and entheogens should not be illegal nor replaced with quackery and pseudoscience as is currently the case.

  • I appreciate your thoughtful response, I_e. I disagree, though in some respect. From what research I’ve done, there’s no physical evidence of SRA and it’s likely that DID/MPD is iatrogenic. I think there’s a really dark possibility that this just shows the power of collective death anxiety, religion, society, moral panic, and scapegoats. Perhaps millenarianism.

  • Bennett Braun is mentioned in the news from time to time because he lost high profile lawsuits in the late 90’s concerning the subject matter I mentioned. There’s a 2019 article in the Montana Standard about him, too, that you can google if you’re interested. He got banned from practicing medicine in Illinois in the late 1990’s, then recently got in trouble again in Montana.

  • There are a lot of situations where presribing meds is pointless and only for profits. For example, if anyone has seen the PBS Frontline documentary “The Search For Satan” (on YouTube if curious) there were people being told by “professionals” who were actually quacks, that they were members of multi-generational satanic cults. It turns out the leader in the “field of dissociation” Dr. Bennett Braun, had basically created a conspiracy theory based on world war II hysteria, making it into a medical diagnosis. He was telling people the alleged illness (Multiple Personality Disorder, now called Dissociative Identity Disorder) was caused by satanic cults but also that it was genetic, which makes no sense. He was prescribing multitudes of heavy psychiatric medications to people who were normal. To this day, psychiatry still claims the leading cause of Dissociative Identity Disorder is “Satanic Ritual Abuse” though in the documentary the FBI says they have found no evidence of these alleged cults. Shows you where a lot of these new far right groups like QAnon probably got their narratives. But these people were prescribed so many medications that they became abnormal, which I think happens in most psychiatric cases. If psychiatry is saying there are satanic cults and spreads nonsense conspiracy theories like this, you really can’t trust anything coming out of psychiatry.