Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Comments by Ben Goldstein

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  • Thanks for reading, Winnie! If you’re interested in bias in research, I’d recommend checking out this new piece ( It’s more concerned with the practices of private medical journals than the federal government – actually, in this case, legislation was useful to the researchers for helping to root out bias – but still highly relevant.

  • I greatly appreciate all the thoughts on this report! Thanks to everyone. Overall, the biggest thread I’m picking up is everybody’s frustration with this struggle between reform and revolution. I wrote my MA thesis on drug policy reform, so I’m right there with you all. I’m ready for an overhaul that brings about justice and ethical treatment for users of mental health services, and drugs in general. But I’m equally hopeful about any reforms along the way that may help improve lives. For instance, I keep hoping the current administration pulls through on earlier promises to release all federal prisons with non-violent marijuana charges and expunging their records. So, while I understand it won’t be the solution to everything, I do think registered reporting would be a step in the right direction.