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Drugging Kids

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    Drugging Kids

    Louis Theroux – America’s Medicated Kids

    Do you think it right to stigmatize a child because he or she doesn’t look people in the eye or exchange greetings? Do you think it right to use that to justify their drugging?

    Do you think a therapist who focuses on these things as problems to be solved via treatment is engaging in child abuse? Psychological child abuse? Medical child abuse?

    Do you think this should result in a felony conviction and state prison time?

    Do you think the children featured in the above video are being used as family scapegoats?

    Do you think CPS and the Court should be involved?

    Do you think the parents should be convicted of felonies and imprisoned? Do you think that sort of penalty is sufficient?

    Do you think a therapist who tells children that they have to accept that their parents are loving and hence blameless, is engaging in child abuse? Felonious child abuse?

    How about a therapist who markets himself and his services by presenting this interpretation, along with lots of counter culture credentials. Do you think he is simply hiring himself out as an assistant abuser for the parents?

    Felony conviction and incarceration?

    Do you think the children shown in the above video are displaying traits which suggest that they have been, or are under, extreme stress, such as commonly found in wars and in concentration camps?

    Do you think CPS should be notified so that they can do a well being check, independent of any therapists hired by the parents?

    Do you think these situations are indicative of some sort of negative parent v child relationship?

    Who do you think should be examining this, therapists hired by the well off parents, or therapists appointed by the court and backed up by court authority?

    Do you think any of this should trigger the mandatory reporting laws, as now written, “suspected cases of child abuse or neglect”?

    If a therapist does not make the report, do you think they should be convicted of a felony and imprisoned.

    Do you think some private practice therapists decline to make the report because that would likely mean losing a paying client? Do you think it is an implicit understanding between the therapist and the parents that no such report will ever be filed, so long as they keep coming to sessions and keep paying?

    What do you think should be done with therapists who operate this way?

    Do you think that these parents are taking out their frustrations in life on their children?

    Do you think that the original reason they even had children was to give themselves a legitimated adult identity?

    Do you think the parents are not taking responsibilities for their own lives and not admitting that they have choices, and do you think their children are the victims of this?

    Do you think that Munchausen’s By Proxy is a good way of describing these situations, given that we understand now that we are not actually saying that the parent has a mental illness, but rather we are describing a common pattern of exaggerating and inducing behaviors in a child which will result doctors and therapists stepping in? Do you think this should result in a felony conviction and incarceration?

    What sort of a life can such a child have, when everyone is saying that they are the problem and that no one else is wrong other than themselves?

    Now I ask this of those who have specific experience in these realms, do the cases get reported to CPS? Does CPS act? What happens to the parents? What happens to the doctors and therapists who are accomplices? And to those who do not report?

    And so for everyone, are you willing to get involved and try to make sure that these cases result in felony convictions and civil judgments?

    Are you willing to make sure that there is intervention into families and that children have escape routes and alternate places to go and other people to connect with?

    Are you able to watch a video like the above without being enraged? If it was happening right in front of you, would you intercede? Would you act upon people involuntarily?


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