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Psychiatry’s 12-Step Program for Producing Heroin Addicts

I believe that todayā€™s heroin addicts are a new breed ā€” the seeds of their creation were sown back in 1990, when doctorsā€™ lies about normal childhood immaturity being a geneticĀ ā€œbrain illnessā€Ā became accepted. Here are some statistics that support my argument that psychiatry isĀ the root cause of our heroin epidemic.

Growing Use of Smart Drugs by Students Could Lead to Disaster

FromĀ The Conversation: University students are increasingly using "smart drugs,"Ā including amphetamines and Modafinil, to enhance their academic performance. These drugs tend to be addictive and...

Amphetamines Have Long-Term Effects on Adolescent Brain, Study Finds

A new study published in the journal Neuroscience finds that rats given regular doses of amphetamines during adolescence haveĀ brain and behavioral changes in adulthood....