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“80% of Data in Chinese Clinical Trials have been Fabricated”

An investigation by the Chinese government found that more than eighty percent of all of the data on new pharmaceuticals had been “fabricated.” “The...

“European Regulator Recommends Suspending Numerous Drugs Over Clinical Trial Problems”

Pharmalot’s Ed Silverman reports that a number of generic drugs, sold by Novartis and Teva Pharmaceuticals, may be pulled off of the shelves after...

“France Tightens Rules in Wake of Fatal Clinical Trial Disaster”

After a clinical trial killed one person and landed five others in intensive care, the government is demanding that the clinical trial company responsible, Biotrial,...

University of Minnesota Psychiatry: A Pattern of Research Abuse

KMSP News has aired a report of yet another mentally ill man pressured to enroll in a study of an unapproved antipsychotic drug, with near-disastrous results. His story bears a striking resemblance to the case of Dan Markingson, who committed suicide in a University of Minnesota study in 2004.