“80% of Data in Chinese Clinical Trials have been Fabricated”


An investigation by the Chinese government found that more than eighty percent of all of the data on new pharmaceuticals had been “fabricated.” “The report uncovered fraudulent behaviour at almost every level, and showed that some pharmaceutical companies had hidden or deleted records of potentially adverse side effects, and tampered with data that didn’t meet their desired outcomes.”

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  1. “A study published earlier this month revealed that the enormous pressure on academics is acting like a form of natural selection, and evolving science into something ‘shoddy and unreliable.’

    “Let’s just hope reports like this serve as a wake-up call to show what’s really at stake when we can’t trust researchers anymore – because that’s a pretty scary reality to consider.”

    We can’t trust the paid pharmaceutical researchers, thus we can’t trust the doctors either, since they are only as credible as their sources of information. We can no longer trust the bankers, they’re stealing homes without having the proper paperwork to foreclose upon families, and illegally opening unwanted accounts in people’s names. And the religions have filled themselves with child abusers, so the pastors and bishops are no long respectable. Then there’s the lawyers and judges who harbor delusions that corporations are people, and they are “bought out by the banks” and deluded by the psychiatrists. We also seem to have a problem with the mainstream media being filled with propaganda and lies. Plus, today’s microeconomic formulas don’t even have a variable for power, which does have a value, so none of today’s microeconomic formulas work. And what a shame none of the “too big to fail” bankers, including the Federal Reserve chairmen / woman, or even our President, are smart enough to understand this simple reality, making banks “too big to fail,” takes away the only incentive bankers have to behave in a fiscally responsible and ethical manner. And don’t get me started on the rest of the politicians…. Apparently, those currently calling themselves “professionals” do not know how to behave in a respectable, ethical, and professional manner. Sounds like systemic societal problems to me.

    Perhaps it’s time to start showing some respect to the independent medical researchers, independent economists, those who actually create goods, who can see the big picture, a big picture which those [corporations] who only worship short term profits can not see. People matter more than profits.

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