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Letters to My Doctors (Part 3)

Rape is to Love what Bombs are to Peace and what Behavioral Eugenics are to Mental Health. So I choose noncompliance with psychiatric force.

To My Black Crows of Wisdom

Some might wonder why I'm still stumbling in the desert when there are cars and jobs and museums downtown, but really, the turquoise dawn is in the canyons. The thing is, my people seem to need this nutrition, the rarified medicine of this particular cactus and that specific root that I haven't found anywhere else.

“Let the Soul Dangle”: How Mind-Wandering Spurs Creativity

From Aeon: An emerging field of neuroscience has begun to reveal how contemplating art can lead to positive mind-wandering, psycho-biological self-regulation, and creativity. "Can art itself...

From ‚ÄúRecovery‚ÄĚ to ‚ÄúTransformation and Recovery‚ÄĚ

Just ‚Äúrecovering‚ÄĚ one‚Äôs previous way of functioning is not so likely to work, because usually something wasn‚Äôt working prior to the psychosis. It was that which set off the psychosis, and if that isn‚Äôt changed, any ‚Äúrecovery‚ÄĚ may not be worth much, as the problems, and so the need to transform, will likely still be present.

New Traction for Art Therapy as a Treatment for Depression

New study investigates the acceptability of a phenomenologically informed, manual-based art therapy for clients diagnosed with moderate to severe depression.

How Does the Brain-Body Connection Affect Creativity?

From Big Think: Recent studies show that walking helps people think more creatively and originally. In three different studies, 81%, 88%, and 100% of participants...

Debunking Myths About Creativity and the Brain

From Pacific Standard: Recent studies have debunked two common myths about creativity and the brain: that the right hemisphere is solely responsible for creative thought,...

‚Äú’Tortured Artist’ Meme Lacks Good Evidence”

‚ÄúThat vision of the ‚Äėtortured artist‚Äô ‚ÄĒ the belief that there is a strong link between creativity and mental illness ‚ÄĒ is deeply embedded...

Novelist on ADHD: ‚ÄúBeing Different is Not an Illness‚ÄĚ

On Sunday, the front page of the UK‚Äôs Independent ran a story entitled, ‚ÄúThousands of children are being medicated for ADHD ‚Äď when the condition may not even exist.‚ÄĚ Fiction novelist and author of the upcoming ‚ÄúConcentr8,‚ÄĚ William Sutcliffe, writes, ‚ÄúThe pharmaceutical/medical industry teaches us that whatever the problem, a pill is the answer.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúThis notion is becoming so all-powerful, and so locked together with a pressurised, exam-centred, conformist educational system, that every parent who has a misbehaving or inattentive child may now find themselves pushed towards a diagnosis of ADHD.‚ÄĚ

Why ‚ÄúStabilizing‚ÄĚ People is Entirely the Wrong Idea

If human beings were meant to be entirely stable entities, then ‚Äústabilizing‚ÄĚ them would be an entirely good thing; a target for mental health treatment that all could agree on. But it‚Äôs way more complex than that: healthy humans are constantly moving and changing. They have a complex mix of stability and instability that is hard to pin down. All this relates to one of my favorite subjects, the intersection of creativity and madness.

Madness and Play: Exploring the Boundary

When children do things like recoil in fear from monsters and ghosts in their darkened bedroom at night, it‚Äôs easy to see the ‚Äúout of touch with reality‚ÄĚ aspect of their experience as being closely related to the faculty that gives them their ability to play ‚Äď their imagination. We help children through such challenging experiences by being with them, and by playing together, doing things like creating scary images together and then figuring out how to cope with them or laugh at them. In the process we help them explore how to create a world view that works to at least some extent and has room for joy and originality - when their imagination helps them (and maybe others) see the world in new ways.

Bottle Fish. Going and Doing. Being.

It seems that all the wants I have now for going and doing are a drug withdrawal, of sorts. I have been hooked, addicted to motion, fed on credits, isolated from the earth, from my humanity and from myself.