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The Wild and Recent History of ‘Schizophrenia’ and Family Therapy

From Underground Transmissions: The family therapy movement has had a lot of success in different mental health contexts, but in the realm of “serious mental illness” and “schizophrenia” it’s nearly impossible to find anyone who publicly talks about the importance of working with complicated family dynamics.

Long-Term Benzo Use Linked to Increased Disability

Despite guidance that the drugs should only be used short-term, about a third of patients indicated long-term benzo use.
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Irish Open Dialogue Shut Down—Despite Expert Report Stating It Should Be Scaled Up

The value-base and proven positive outcomes of Open Dialogue need to be expanded, not closed.

We Don’t Know If Most Medical Treatments Work, and We Know Even Less About...

From The Conversation: Only one in 20 medical treatments have high-quality evidence to support their benefits, and treatment harms are measured only a third as often as benefits.

Committed: An Interview With Suzanne Scanlon

FromPsychology Today: Scanlon's Committed: On Meaning and Madwomen—A Memoir concerns the treatment of prolonged grief in a major psychiatric hospital.
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Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death

Overtreatment with drugs kills many people, and the death rate is increasing. Why have we allowed this drug pandemic to continue?

I Was the Poster Girl for OCD. Then I Began to Question Everything I’d...

From The Guardian: When I sought help for crippling invasive thoughts, I was told I had a disease like any other. But I wasn’t able to recover until I understood the fallacy at the heart of mental healthcare.

What Is “Care” in a Psychiatric Medical Camp for the Unhoused in India?

Indian doctoral scholar Neha Jain wonders what kind of ‘care’ and ‘help’ are possible in the absence of real consent.
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Witless and Dangerous? Challenging the Assumptions of the ‘Schizo’ Paradigm

Despite growing awareness that ‘schizophrenia’ is not a scientifically valid concept, the old assumptions still drive clinical practice.

When Medication Changes More Than Symptoms: Antipsychotics’ Effect on Identity

Recent research reveals how antipsychotic medications can significantly impact users' identity and self-image, challenging existing clinical approaches.
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Tapering Strips: A Practical Tool for Personalised and Safe Tapering of Withdrawal-Causing Prescription Drugs

Tapering strips are one of the practical tools mentioned in the new Maudsley Guidance.

Bad Science, With Robert Whitaker | Where Is My Mind? Podcast

From Where Is My Mind?: Niall Breslin and Robert Whitaker discuss the paradigm shift needed in mental health to ensure people have informed consent and a true understanding of their distress.

Antidepressant Trials “Hijacked for Marketing Purposes,” Researchers Say

About half of the large antidepressant trials are biased enough to be considered “seeding trials,” according to the researchers.
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From the Dopamine Theory to the Outcomes Paradox

Why does long-term use of neuroleptics correlate with poorer social and occupational outcomes?

Debunking the Myths About Depression and Antidepressants

From EmpowerUAmerica: Psychologist and author Bruce E. Levine is interviewed about the problem of depression in America and how it's being treated.

Mom’s 911 Call for Her Son’s Mental Health Ends With His Death After Police...

From MedPage Today: Taylor Ware's August 2019 death was among more than 1,000 over a decade after police used common use-of-force tactics that are meant to stop people without killing them.
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The Significance of Semiotics in Social Work

Mental health treatment requires more than words; it demands a deep understanding of the unspoken, the symbols and signs that permeate our lives.

Against Her Will

From Investigative Journalism Foundation: Under Canada's Mental Health Act, doctors don’t have to get a patient’s consent for treatment — or the consent of a substitute decision maker. They have what’s known as the patient’s “deemed consent” to administer any treatment that’s been approved by the director of the mental health facility.

Study Links Prenatal Antipsychotic Exposure to Developmental Delays and ADHD

A comprehensive review indicates that children exposed to antipsychotics in the womb face an increased risk of ADHD and developmental delays.

Giving Caregivers a Platform: Meagan, Mother of Matt

A mom describes her son's descent into the harms of psychiatry—and his way out. "It was really difficult to watch Matt decline. He had given up hope that he could get well."

What Needs to Change at the FDA? A PharmedOut Report

In the past 30 years, repeated regulatory failures and a shift in the FDA’s mission from protecting public health to speeding drugs and devices to market has tarnished the agency’s reputation and, more importantly, harmed patients.
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On the Brink of Murder Because of an Antidepressant

After being put on antidepressants, Katinka started hallucinating wildly, thinking in very violent images.

STAR*D: It’s Time to Atone and Retract

From Psychiatric Times: “Our patients, our field, and our integrity demand a better explanation of what happened in STAR*D than what has thus been provided," argue two San Diego psychiatrists.
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Bad Science Revisited: “The Bell Curve” Turns 30

Critiquing the wildly popular 1994 eugenicist book, which purported to link IQ and race, by reviewing the supposed genetic evidence.

BetterHelp to Pay $7.8 Million for Deceiving Customers After Promising to Keep Sensitive Data...

From FTC: The FTC has moved to ban BetterHelp from revealing people's data, including sensitive mental health information, to Facebook and others for targeted advertising.