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Nutrition and Mental Health: An Interview with Julia Rucklidge, Ph.D.

Dr. Rucklidge talks about the emerging field of Nutritional Psychiatry, which looks at the relationship between nutrition and brain health and how it may affect children’s moods and behavior.

How I Became My Own Psychiatrist

I now am more conversant with the latest literature on the medications I take than my prescriber is. While I consider his opinion and clinical judgment, I no longer accept every word as the Gospel truth.

Council of Europe: Mental Health Reform Is Urgent Need and Human Rights Imperative

From COE Commissioner for Human Rights: While the additional strain generated by the pandemic is new, the mental health situation and lack of services has been a neglected human rights crisis in Europe for a long time.

How Therapists Can Help With Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: An Interview With Anne Guy

MIA's Richard Sears interviews psychotherapist Anne Guy about working with clients withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.

IIPDW Open Letter to NICE in the UK Regarding Antipsychotics Withdrawal

From IIPDW: The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal is requesting, for the second time, that NICE reverse its decision to exclude antipsychotic medications from its published withdrawal guidelines.

Philosophy & Madness: A Discussion with Wouter Kusters

Wouter underwent two experiences of what is commonly called "psychosis," which he explores and explains through the lenses of philosophy, spirituality, and mysticism.

Stimulant Prescribing Patterns for ADHD Not Impacted by Scientific Evidence

The article suggests that research challenging the evidence for ADHD drugs does not lead to changes without public campaigns.

Mental Health Survival Kit, Chapter 2: Is Psychiatry Evidence Based? (Part 6)

Schools and hospitals have become dangerous places for children and adolescents. They should stimulate children, not pacify them with speed on prescription.

Lack of Guidance Available for Discontinuing Psychiatric Drugs

A new article discusses the lack of research dedicated to discontinuing psychiatric drugs and reviews existing strategies.

The Situational Therapist: 3 Ways Mental Illness Is Misdiagnosed in Children (video)

From The Situational Therapist: A marriage and family therapist offers an irreverent take on what's really going on when a child gets 'diagnosed with a mental illness.'

Interview: Is Forced Treatment Deterring Youth from Seeking Mental Health Care?

Researcher Nev Jones, Ph.D., talks about her study of youth hospitalized against their will, and how their experiences affected their attitudes about mental health treatment and providers.

It’s A Mad World! Podcast: A Discussion with Robert Whitaker

From It's a Mad World!: In a new podcast on the politics of mental health and the mental health of politics, Irish psychiatrist Dr. Peadar O’Grady talks with Robert Whitaker about his books and work.

Mental Health at the End of the World

The abolition of individualism has got to be at the center of any “alternative” mental-health movement/theory/philosophy. Otherwise, it’s not “alternative.”

Bearing False Witness: Childhood Psychiatry, Trauma, and Memory

Through journaling, I realized that my lifelong confusion surrounding my memories of traumatic events was the direct result of the psychiatric labels and drugs I swallowed alongside years of parental abuse.

Mental Health Advocates Launch Campaign to Stop Continued Electroshock of 22-Year-Old MN Man

From Mindfreedom: Charles Helmer was force-shocked on March 26 and, unless the advocacy campaign is successful, he will be force-shocked on April 9 and every two weeks afterwards.

Tapering Antidepressants: Why Do Tens of Thousands Turn to Facebook Groups for Support?

From BJGP Life: Recent research concluded that over half of people coming off antidepressants will suffer withdrawal symptoms, of which one in two cases will be severe.

Questions About Forced ECT: A Letter for Minnesota Governor Tim Walz

If Minnesota is going to mandate ECT for people like Charles Helmer, there are at least 20 questions they need to consider before proceeding.

ECT: Dangerous on Either Side of the Pond

From Psychiatric Times: This controversial treatment must be suspended pending research to determine if there are any benefits that outweigh its proven adverse effects.

The Radicalization of a White Psychiatrist

From Psychiatric Services: Encouraged by my colleagues of color to engage in some uncomfortable self-reflection, I realized that the trajectory of my career was directly influenced by my racial biases.

Mental Health Survival Kit, Chapter 2: Is Psychiatry Evidence Based? (Part 5)

The psychiatrists have fought really hard to hide the terrible truth that depression pills double the risk of suicide, not only in children but also in adults.

Overprescribing Madness

Slick salesmanship, dishonest and incompetent medical practice (overlooked by timid regulators) and cultural, commercial, and political drivers now see Australians hooked on a cycle of over-diagnosis and over-medication.

Science Plays the Long Game. But People Have Mental Health Issues Now.

From The New York Times: When people are drowning, they’re less interested in the genetics of respiration than in a life preserver.

Psycho-Bizarreness Theory: A Rational, Anti-Psychiatric Theory of Madness

Contrary to the traditional view, Psycho-Bizarreness Theory sees madness as a rational coping mechanism which individuals adopt out of expediency.

Mental Health Survival Kit, Chapter 2: Is Psychiatry Evidence Based? (Part 4)

It requires extraordinary mental gymnastics by psychiatrists to conclude that neuroleptics, which cause obesity, metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, tardive dyskinesia, lethal cardiac arrhythmias, and so on, protect against death.

An American History of Addiction, Part 6: The Reagan Reaction

Kevin Gallagher addresses the Reagan era and the "crack" epidemic of the 1980s in this continuing series about the USA and addiction.

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