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The Mystic of Ireland: An Homage to Ivor Browne

Ivor Browne fearlessly challenged what he saw as a dehumanizing system, liberating many from institutional care and pioneering new experimental therapies. He developed innovative community models and most of his groundbreaking work took place outside of, and in spite of, orthodox thinking.

The Persistence of the Radioactive Bogeyman

From Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Since 1950, a noteworthy number of American and European horror movies have used radiation as a plot device. The...

Kevin P Miller: The Powerful Stories of Families Harmed By Psychiatric...

Kevin is a filmmaker, writer and journalist and his films have won numerous international Film and Television awards, he talks about his approach to film making and his thoughts on how we treat people that ask for help with their mental health.

“Psycho Thrillers: Five Movies That Teach Us How The Mind Works”

For the Guardian five leading psychologists, inspired by Son of Saul, look at the classic movies that explore how human beings work. Catherine Shoard, Philippa...