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How Healthcare Foundations Destroy Grassroots Advocates

We advocates are often told we're the key to progress in mental healthcare. Yet foundations continue to minimize our role and to damage us and our organizations every day. Here is how they do it, and what they need to do if we are ever to make real progress.

ā€œWorking in Mental Health is Not Like Fixing Broken Legsā€

In a blog post for The Guardianā€™s Healthcare Professionals Network, frontline worker Tim Smith takes on the oft-heard metaphor that ā€œmental health problems should be seen like a broken leg.ā€ Smith explains how this metaphor, while intended to reduce stigma, negatively impacts mental health care by creating the expectation that treatments will follow a set course and that patients will respond uniformly and predictably.

“Multigenerational Poverty”

The practice of medicine in our country is being swallowed whole by a snake. The snake started with the poor, the black, the brown; the already disenfranchised of the deep south and inner cities many years ago. It was an easy sell to the better-off taxpayers. Who wants to give up money to take care of poor people?