Tag: history of psychology

Fascist Subjectivity and the Subhuman: An Interview with Critical Psychologist Thomas...

MIA's Tim Beck interviews critical psychologist Thomas Teo on how theory and research can do justice to the people it means to describe and explain.

Stigma and Discrimination Linked to the Biomedical Model of Mental Health

Study traces the history of biomedical explanations of psychopathology to show how stigma and discrimination are reinforced when other possible explanations are ignored.

“Psychiatry Against Itself: A Philosophical Archaeology”

Psychiatrist, psychologist and philosopher Vincenzo Di Nicola examines the history and logic of anti-psychiatry movements. “What is intriguing about these figures is how they proceed by negation," Di Nicola writes in The Journal of the International Association of Transdisciplinary Psychology. “Each figure has a key critical negation that marks their resistance.”