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Licensed to Bill: How Doctors Profit From Injury Assessments

From The Globe and Mail: Doctors are making millions of dollars a year by providing independent medical evaluations of accident victims for the auto-insurance industry....

Length of Stay in Emergency Departments Longer for Mental Health Emergencies

Statewide study finds patients with mental health emergencies and who are uninsured face longer waits in emergency departments.

Diagnosis Dilemma

Not long ago I had a conversation with a psychiatrist. He told me about a diagnostic dilemma he’d run up against at work; When a judge makes an unfunded treatment mandate as part of her judgment, she pressures the doctor to make a “payable” psychiatric diagnosis. If the doctor stretches the truth out of sympathy and provides an inaccurate but payable diagnosis so that his patient can have access to medical care and money to live on, he is committing fraud that can mean heavy fines and incarceration for himself.