Tag: investigative journalism

The Invisibles: Children in Foster Care

Millions of current and former foster children experience multiple kinds of trauma, as documented in a six-part investigative series published in the Kansas City Star this month. Too often invisible, these young people deserve our attention and our care.

Reporter was Locked in Mental Hospital for 10 Days

This piece from Newsner chronicles the life and work of Elizabeth Cochran Seaman, a journalist who went undercover to expose the conditions at an infamous mental...

Revealed: Britain’s Mental Health Crisis

In this episode of BBC's Panorama, reporter Sophie Hutchison investigates the troubled state of mental health services in Britain. (Available for UK residents only)

When Medical Muckraking Fails

Everyone knows how muckraking is supposed to work.  An investigative reporter uncovers hidden wrongdoing; the public is outraged; and the authorities move quickly on...