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Merry, Beautiful, Unique: YOU

You and me, we are different. We live in the world of magic, where angels appear, where voices scare but also reveal, where visions show us the other, real, parallel world. God blesses only very few of us with such an ability. And that’s why you have to fight for this right.

The Genius in People With Disabilities, Mental Health Disorders

From CNN: Differences that are categorized as mental health disorders and learning disabilities are often associated with increased creativity and artistic abilities, more empathy, and the...

Reclaiming My Voice

Everything was not okay, but how could I possibly explain? That I don’t belong here. That I am a phony, a fraud. That I am damaged beyond repair and unsuitable for this work. I felt it happening again: the pressure building in my chest and the tears burning my throat at the prospect of someone discovering my deepest, darkest secret. The precursor to my entire life falling apart.