Merry, Beautiful, Unique: YOU


When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the beauty in your eyes, the soul which is real? Do you see the real, unique you? Or do you look at it and think: “I am not worthy, I am a failure, I am a patient or was, I am weak. I can’t make it.” Or maybe you avoid the mirror altogether, like I did.

Start looking at it, have a glance. Approach it every day for a short while and stare. Stare and see. See what the mirror is hiding, what it hasn’t yet revealed to you. Look at yourself carefully, and notice the subtle movement of a beautiful, even if very broken, soul — broken by the misery of society, broken by the mental health narrative, broken by stigma, broken by unkind humans.

From here I can see you; I am almost watching you. I can feel your sorrow and frustration. I can sense your sadness and your low self-worth.

But it is you I love and cherish, because it is you that makes it worth it. The world is a really boring place without ‘mad’ people, you see. Those who can’t SEE and HEAR live in a mundane and often cruel place. They think of very mundane things, such as which car to buy, where to find the next dirty celebrity story, how to laugh at the expense of the other (often you).

But you and me, we are different. We live indeed in a different world. We live in the world of magic, where angels appear, where voices scare but also reveal, where visions show us the other, real, parallel world. It is there, the other reality, and it is also here, and you were blessed one day to notice its beauty, to discover its hidden magical secrets, to see fairies, and remember your past lives. The diagnosis of ‘schizophrenia’ was delivered by a person who is simply envious of your ability, because it is difficult to control, and those without our gift want to control. They enjoy the silly, distorted power of denigrating people, and proclaiming them as ‘ill’. They enjoy thinking that they are ‘normal’, while it is in normality that one can die from boredom and fatigue.

This Christmas I want you to wake yourself up. I want you to approach the mirror from a different space, and say to it, loud and clear: “I am beautiful, I am gifted, I am unique.” Say it, say it with force, say it until you start believing it.

You are beautiful, you are gifted, and you are unique. You have the powers that the others don’t understand. Don’t try to prove to them anything, claim your powers back to enjoy them for YOU. It was given in order that, once you realize, that it is you who is special, you will be able to know: yes, magic is real, and yes, I am unique, special, and beautiful.

God blesses only very few of us with such an ability. And that’s why you have to fight for this right. Don’t fight with the psychiatrists, don’t fight with the mental health narrative. Just leave it. Because once YOU leave, they will lose their subject, they will lose their raison d’etre. They will find something new, but YOU and me, we will be ready, on the other side, to help those who come under their radar, to help them in their journey, to help them navigate their gift.

Don’t forget to take what it is yours, though. If you need medication to sleep, just take it, but monitor your own dose. If you are dependent on some medicine, there is nothing wrong in taking it, provided it does help, and you are still yourself at your full capacity.

The distortion is so big nowadays that we tend to deny also things that can help. And so, learn to become a trickster, become a coyote. Native Americans left us this wisdom, and it is a wisdom that is indeed very powerful, and that’s why the powers that be tried so hard to destroy it. It isn’t paranoia when you think of such things, it is simply having a glance at the door to the truth. There are bad people around, there are people who want to destroy what is real, and there are bad witches around.

But trust me. Goodness does prevail in the end. You are the good one and that’s why you suffer. That’s the only reason for all your predicaments. Because you have a soul, and not everyone around you has one.

We will prevail, YOU and me, trust me, please. I can’t make it without YOU, and I need you. Because earth is real, it is beautiful, it is unique.

And it is OURS.

This Christmas, see a different you. See how I see YOU. I see the beauty in your eyes, I see that it is YOU who is real. I see love in your eyes, I see the fairies.

Pamper yourself, have a nice drink, buy something nice, eat something tasteful, listen to some nice music, have a walk in nature. Talk to birds and listen to them, trying to heal you. Look into the sky, at the moon, into the stars.

Because Jesus was real, and he was YOU, and I was HIM.

Together we will make it. God is real, and he will help.

I promise. I have to. Because, I am also YOU, and I want to be here.

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  1. Reading that was a beautiful gift, on this warm Christmas afternoon, thank you Ekaterina. It rather reminds me, somewhat, of the best compliment I’ve ever been given. Except you neglected to mention the psychiatrists and psychologists definitely attack, defame, and neurotoxin poison the attractive and intelligent people. Like you, Ekaterina, and me, which your blog does not really imply, or actually come full circle to clearly state.

    I was in an old dive of a hot dog joint on Webster Ave. in Chicago, in the mid 1990’s. A bunch of us waiting in line were chit chatting. From behind me, a man said, based upon one of my comments, “you’re a truly beautiful woman.” As a young woman, who had gotten somewhat sick of the pick up lines men constantly spew at you, I thought the comment was just another one of those BS pick up lines.

    But when I turned around to politely say thank you anyway. I was shocked to see, it was a man with a white cane, who had given me the compliment. A young woman being told she is beautiful, by a blind man, based upon the content of her comments, rather than her looks, was the best compliment I likely could ever be given.

    You, too, are beautiful, Ekaterina. I agree, “Jesus was real,” He is with me, and I am with Him. My delusional psychiatrist, and his child rape covering up psychology and psychiatry friends, all poisoned me for my belief in God, which is illegal in America. I now have medical evidence of 14 distinctly different attempted murders, all via the medically know toxidrome, anticholinergic toxidrome, by these psychiatrists.

    I agree. “Together we will make it. God is real, and he will help.” God’s already doing the final judgement within my semi-lucid dreams. All will be judged fairly by God, I truly believe. The delusions of grandeur filled, primarily child abuse and rape covering up, psychologists and psychiatrists are NOT the judgers of all of humanity.

    That’s a delusion of grandeur on the part of the systemic child abuse and rape covering up psychologists and psychiatrists, and their millions of DSM deluded “mental health” workers. These industries need to repent and confess for their systemic crimes.

    “I am also YOU, and I want to be here.” I believe we are all “one in the Spirit, one in the Lord.” And, as such, all will be judged fairly by God. And I do understand the judgement is needed, since we have these insane, scientific fraud based, “mental health” workers. Who currently having “delusions of grandeur,” that their DSM “bible” makes them, rather than God, the judges of all of humanity.

    Despite the reality that the “mental health” workers’ DSM “bible” was debunked as scientifically “invalid” fraud and “bullshit,” over six years ago. By the leaders in their industry, and the primary editor of that “bullshit” DSM “bible.”

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  2. We spend our lives trying to get in to those little spaces in the minds of others around us, to put there what we want them to know if they have enough tolerance and compassion. We hope if we do the same, they will keep us and let us be there and always want to know the latest. It’s how we are together, we can’t avoid wanting to just be human.

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  3. “Pamper yourself, have a nice drink, buy something nice, eat something tasteful, listen to some nice music, have a walk in nature. Talk to birds and listen to them, trying to heal you. Look into the sky, at the moon, into the stars.” Great resolution for 2020 !

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  4. Beautiful picture and love the bird so gorgeous thank you and have a wonderful 2020 what a tidy and significant label for the year 2020 best wishes from a burning Australia
    Reminds me of the Frost poem will the world end in fire or ice ” I hold with those who favour fire” love to everyone xxxx

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    • madmother13,
      I’ve been following the news and you sure are having a rough time in Australia.
      While the rest of the world celebrates with “fire” works, your volunteers are trying to
      save lives from fire works.
      Everything can be friend or foe. Wishing you a better summer next year.

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