The Genius in People With Disabilities, Mental Health Disorders


From CNN: Differences that are categorized as mental health disorders and learning disabilities are often associated with increased creativity and artistic abilities, more empathy, and the ability to view the world in new, innovative ways. In providing support for children with these conditions, it is important to focus on exploring and enhancing their strengths, not just attending to their weaknesses.

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  1. The psychiatrists, psychologists, and school social workers in recent decades have been intentionally attacking the creative geniuses and their children because they get 100% on their state standardized tests. Since the function of today’s “mental health industry” is not to improve “mental health,” but rather to maintain the status quo.

    The current status quo, the self proclaimed globalist “elite,” who the “mental health industry” was miseducated by and works for, wants to quash the greatness within America, apparently to bring about their supposed NWO.

    I agree, the “mental health” industry should stop defaming, drugging, and focusing solely on the splinters in the eyes of the brilliant within our society, while ignoring the logs in their own eyes and theology.