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Psych Patients Who Resist Stigma Do Better

A new study in press in the Journal of Schizophrenia Research finds that patients who actively resist the negative stigma associated with mental health...

“Mind, Myth and Madness”

Are psychiatric diagnoses real, or are they the cause of an apparent global mental health crisis? Researchers Richard Bentall and Simon Baron-Cohen, and psychiatrist Dinesh Bhugra...


When people call someone in their family ‚Äúmentally ill,‚ÄĚ what does it mean? The term mental illness has gotten out of control vague. There is no way to prove someone does or doesn't have a mental illness in the way it is referred to, so why don't we hear people say, ‚ÄúThere's someone in my family who's extremely challenging for me (and others perhaps)‚ÄĚ? Why don't we hear descriptions of the behavior, how people feel in response to it, and what concerns it brings up in an honest way where the speaker owns their own experience?